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About WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and widely used website builder in the world today. It is a free and open source content management system. To create a website in WordPress, it must be installed on the web server. A web server can host Internet web pages or a network server. WordPress is the most popular blog and website management system currently used on the World Wide Web. There are over 60 million websites using WordPress in today's internet world. A website developer does not need web programming skills to set up a website using a WordPress theme. In case the website developer encounters any problem while setting up the website. He or she can watch WordPress tutorials on YouTube. WordPress lessons from basic to advanced have been uploaded to YouTube.

WordPress Theme

WordPress in the early 1990s realized the growing market for people to express themselves on the internet. They have launched the WordPress app and a person can visit their website, choose a theme and start a blog page. WordPress will also host these sites. With huge demand, WordPress decided to put an end to this and now you have to pay a small amount of money to use this amazing website builder.

If you want to build your website and have no computer knowledge, you can do it using WordPress
Yes, it's also easy for newbies to create and manage a website. You purchase your website domain name and arrange for an Internet service provider or web hosting provider to host your website. You need to make sure that the hosting provider offers WordPress in the tools to build the website. You then log in to your site as an administrator, select the theme you want for your site, and place your content there. You can preview your site, and when it's ready to launch, you'll transfer the files and put it live.

Today, there are thousands of WordPress themes that users can choose from to create their website. User can choose, download and install a WordPress theme and if he doesn't like the theme he can change it. Users do not need to know HTML or PHP or any other programming language to set up a website using WordPress.

There are thousands of free WordPress themes that users can use for free. Besides, there are WordPress themes that users can buy and use. It takes a few minutes to get a website up and running in WordPress as long as the site owner has the content available to upload to the site.

Start is a free tool for bloggers to write and post their blogs on the internet which is currently used to host some of the top websites. Website builders can search for the best WordPress themes on Google and can visit websites that list these themes. If a website developer wants a responsive theme, he can search for the best free WordPress responsive themes and choose one from there.

If the site is a blog site, webmasters can search for responsive WordPress blog themes
The topics are classified as; art, architecture, blog, fashion, photography, news, magazine, etc. to make it easier for site managers to choose a theme from the category to which their site belongs. Of course, there are no restrictions and any theme can be chosen and used. There are premium WordPress themes that need to be purchased to use. Each WordPress theme has been custom designed and has built-in features and functionality.

Seeing the increase in mobile internet usage, some WordPress themes support mobile functionality. This means webmasters don't have to worry about how and how their website looks and works when viewed on a mobile phone.


Plugins are an important part of the WordPress architecture. Currently, there are more than 50,000 plugins that users can use to customize the features and functionality of the website. For example, if the theme doesn't have a slider feature, the user can download and install the slider plugin. Plugins are an important feature of WordPress themes, and some plugins are automatically downloaded and installed when the user installs the theme. Plugins play an important role in the functionality of WordPress themes.

WordPress Theme Detector

If you like a website and know that it uses a WordPress theme, you will be curious to know what theme it is. You can easily find it using smallseotools.com's WordPress theme finder
From your search browser, navigate to the smallseotools.com website and scroll down to the "WordPress Theme Detector" icon; or just copy/paste smallseotools.com/wordpress-theme-detector into a tab in your browser Enter the domain name or website URL and press "Submit". In a few seconds, the application will display details about the WordPress version of the website and its theme details.

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WordPress theme information is very complete and now users know exactly the name of the theme as well as all the details about it, they can now search for that theme on their WordPress sites and download, install and use it. You can use this free and handy tool to detect WordPress themes of multiple websites. It gives you an open field to choose which WordPress theme you want to use for your website.

By far, WordPress is the leading and easiest to use tool for website setup and management. Once the site is online, the webmaster can access the site as an administrator and update its content. Webmasters can also change the theme while the site is live on the internet. Choose the new theme and install it, preview it and if you like what you see, save it. Now your site will show up in the new theme


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